Welcome to LAMPStack Ninja!

"LAMP" is the combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Many of us use MariaDB instead of MySQL these days (conveniently both start with an “M”) and Nginx instead of Apache (which, technically, is LEMP).

This is the domain of the web, particularly the part that we refer to as “back-end” or “server-side.”

LAMP/LEMP is the foundation of all things Web.

And without your friendly neighborhood LAMP/LEMP Ninja, none of this web stuff would exist.

Whether you’re a seasoned LAMP/LEMP Ninja, someone learning the path, or just a passer-by, we’re glad you stopped in!

We're In A Rebuilding Phase!

We just totally rerolled the look ‘n’ feel of LAMPStack Ninja. There may be a few spots we’ve missed, so bear with us as we get our shi… er, stuff, back in gear.