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Yup, it’s a bit of a mess.

I was tooling around the site earlier and I noticed some missing images from a post. What you don't see from the front end is that there are dozens of unpublished posts that I didn't republish after rebuilding the site because of said missing images. Rather than dig up the past (we're techies, not archeologists!) we're going to focus on making new content instead.

I was tooling around the site earlier today (actually looking for one of my old posts so that I could remember how to do something!) and when I found the post, I noticed that the images were missing.

What you don’t see from the front end is that there are dozens of unpublished posts – posts that were once live on the site – that I didn’t republish after rebuilding the site because of said missing images.

Tech being what it is (stuff changes really quickly if you haven’t noticed, lol), I don’t know that I’ll make much of an attempt to revive the old posts; instead, I’m going to tackle new topics.

And what are these new topics, you ask?!


I’m old (but probably immortal, I’m a ninja after all) and I’ve seen a lot of things come and go in the IT/software/computing world. There are a handful of things that I can think of that have really excited me, and being a server nerd, Ansible is near the top of the list. The Ansible docs are great and there’s a lot to be found on the web about it already, but I’m going to spend some time writing up how I solved some of my own issues with it.


Ah, yes, Docker. Love it or hate it, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Personally, I love it – although I vacillate on whether or not it’s just as easy to create and maintain servers with Ansible as it is containers – and I’ve spent a lot of time working with it. I’ll share some of that here, too.


Yup, we’ll talk WordPress too… it is, after all, the La/eMP killer app these days. Rather than waste your time on beginner stuff, though, I’ll share some fun things I’ve learned as someone who provides higher-end WordPress hosting.

Go Ninja Go!

Remember how the first time felt? (I don’t either, and it probably wasn’t nearly as awesome as some of the more recent times.) Coding in Go makes me feel like I felt in the ’80s, banging out BASIC on my Commodore 64… not because there’s anything antiquated about Go (not at all) but because it’s a serious language that gets you right down to the nuts ‘n’ bolts of getting things done.

Whatever it is…

…it’ll be fun (and something that runs on La/eMP). Plus I’m going to add some options to the site that will let you play in my sandbox! (More to come on that last part!)



I've been a LAMP/LEMP nerd for decades, and I've always loved to write. Over the years, things that other people wrote have helped me thousands of times, and I enjoy being able to give back to our community.

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